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Canmixs smartwatch: Functional Yet Inexpensive

What is a smart watch and how does it work?

Canmixs smartwatch is a wristwatch with features that can be downloaded and installed as apps. The watch has an operating system (OS) like any other smartphone. It runs on battery power and therefore all the apps need to conserve this power as much as possible, which they do by measuring activity, location and other relevant data.

Apps communicate with the phone and each other, and sometimes even the internet. It was only a matter of time before our mobile phones began to communicate with the smartwatch on our wrist. We now have Samsung Gear S, Apple Watch Series 3 (with GPS), Fitbit Ionic and Xiaomi Amazefit which all include LTE connectivity that allows both devices to connect to mobile networks independently – meaning you can make or take calls from your watch without having your phone present.

1) The watch must run an operating system that was designed specifically for it. This excludes Android-based systems that may or may not involve interaction between the phone and the watch. It also excludes completely independent “standalone” microcontroller-based watches, which can run a stripped down version of Linux and allow for some basic notifications, but cannot provide more advanced features.

2) Smartwatches must be capable of running third party applications that were not specifically ported to the device by the manufacturer. This excludes vendor lock-in “apps” written by the manufacturer itself or someone they partnered with.

3) The watch must be able to connect to an Android phone (with Android 4.3+), iPhone (iOS 7+) or Windows Phone (8+) wirelessly and conduct some basic synchronization/notifications/data transfer tasks independently from its host smartphone’s state and without draining too much power in the process. What do we get then? A pretty long list of devices that are, for the most part, capable of performing some very cool tricks without draining too much power.

Advantages of Owning a Smart Watch

They can provide full-fledged notifications without having to turn on your phone. Alerts for calls, texts, emails and reminders are pushed wirelessly from the phone to wrist giving you a subtle way to stay in touch. However these smart days could be numbered with the emergence of new technology that adds another element into the mix… Sensory input based on location. These are called Glanceable.

The idea behind glanceable is simple – use location awareness, context and sensory information to make information relevant at any time when it’s needed most. Essentially it could cut down on huge amount of notifications you receive by allowing you to see only what you need based on where you currently are in the real world. It’s a major advancement in the potential of mobile technology.

Is this Watch Right for You?

The Canmixs smart watch is a new wearable device that has been intelligently designed to be a beautiful addition to a lady’s wardrobe. Canmixs smart watch is available in three different designs: classic, diamond and jade. Imagine pulling your phone out of your pocket and seeing a simple notification appear on your phone, summarizing everything you need to know.

“You’re 1 hour from work. The traffic is clear for the moment but it might not stay that way.” As you get closer, this location awareness can adjust based on real time conditions – all without having to pull up Google Maps or Maps app and draining precious battery life in the process.

This idea has even been integrated into cars allowing you to pair it with your car’s navigation system so you know exactly where to turn before the street sign appears. Each Canmixs smart watch is made from stainless steel, which means that it can be worn both for going out or even at the office.

The Canmix watches have two large screens on the front of them, one small circle for notifications and another larger rectangle which shows time and other features tailored by Canmixs’ development team depending on your usage preferences.

Who is Canmixs smartwatch for?

Canmix smartwatches are not just for ladies anymore. Canmix has also developed a version of their watch with large faces and wider wrist bands for men who prefer a more masculine look on their wrist. Canmix designers have drawn inspiration from Swiss watches to create something that is both beautiful and functional.

Canmix watches come in three varieties: classic diamond and jade so you can choose your favourite design and update it as often as you like with different watch faces and bands which Canmix offers to its customers for free! The smart watch is designed for sports enthusiasts and athletes.

The device is designed to be worn during activities like jogging, biking, skateboarding, snowboarding, golfing, tennis, and more. Each Canmixs smart watch is made from stainless steel, which means that it can be worn both for going out or even at the office.

The Canmix watches have two large screens on the front of them, one small circle for notifications and another larger rectangle which shows time and other features tailored by Canmixs’ development team depending on your usage preferences.

CanMixs smartwatch App

keeps users on top of their daily tasks with simple navigation buttons while allowing custom app access through Bluetooth smart watch connection to user’s smartphone.

CanMix App also allows users to control the watch from their smartphone while receiving notifications on-the-go or when away from CanMix smart watch. App can be downloaded on any Android or iOS device with Bluetooth smart watch support of 4.0 and higher version.

Canmixs smart watch is compatible with IOS 8 or later, and android 4.3 or later CanMixs Smartwatch makes sure you get notified of what’s important whether it’s calls, e-mails, messaging, Facebook updates or simply your alarm clock; Canmix smart watch Phone app allows users to stay connected without having to always carry their smartphone.

The Canmixs smart watch app allows you to set what data appears on the smart watch display so you do not need to keep checking your phone when walking down busy streets. Canmix smart watch is also working on another app that allows the watch to connect with IFTTT, which means you will be able to set very simple commands- something like setting Canmix’s display to show your next calendar appointment when you wake up in the morning.

Canmix smartwatches are not just for functionality either if you prefer; there are several beautiful watch faces included within Canmix’s interface so it can act as a regular timepiece too.

CanMixs smartwatch bands

The Canmix smart watch come with three different sized wrist bands, small medium and large depending on what fits best for each individual. The Canmix smart watch company has made an easy guide on their website for this process by taking out some of the guesswork for you.

The perfect accessory for your CanMixs smartwatch. CanMixs is a company that specializes in wristbands and like their name, CanMixs takes two of the most common watchband materials and mixes them together to make one large selection of watches.

Canmix has developed custom 316L stainless steel watch bands for Canmix watches which are ideal because they have a soft inner layer covered by a strong outer layer. Canmix also developed silicone rubber watch bands so Canmix smartwatch owners can switch out their band to match their outfit or just get a new look anytime they want.

CanMix smart watch come with both bracelets included but you still have the option of changing your style whenever you want. If you’re going from work to a club CanMix smart watch bands have watches with both silicone and leather Canmix bands so you can change your watch to match.

Canmix also has Canmix bands which are made from mixed materials as well as CanMixs straps that match the color of your Canmix smart watch case.

CanMixs smartwatch Functions

It can monitor your heart rate, steps taken, and calories burned. It also has a built-in GPS and can track your location. The watch can connect to your smartphone to provide notifications and track your phone’s location. The smart watch is also compatible with the  Apple HealthKit app, Google Fit, and Samsung S Health apps.  

This means that the data recorded by the Canmixs smartwatch can be used in conjunction with these other health apps to provide a more complete picture of your daily activity. The Canmixs smartwatch has an appropriate use for anyone looking to track their daily activity or keep track of their fitness goals.

This includes those who are looking to lose weight, exercise more, or just have a better sense of their activity levels throughout the day. The smart watch has most of the features that you would expect from a modern fitness watch. There are however some trade-offs in order to keep it affordable for most customers.

Let’s take a look at what Canmixs did well and where they fell short with this device. The Canmixs Smartwatch has several features that make it an attractive choice as a fitness watch for sports enthusiasts. Most notably, the affordable price point makes it very appealing to those buyers who are looking for a solid entry-level fitness tracker or want to try out wearable technology without having to spend too much cash.

If you just need something simple and low- that does what’s advertised than this is probably the smart watch for you. Canmixs did a good job with this device overall, but there were several trade-offs that had to be made in order to keep the price down.

CanMixs Smart Watch Setup

CanMix smart watch has two buttons on the side that are customizable, and once you pair it with your phone via Bluetooth, CanMixs digital watch will show you which of these buttons does what. This digital watch is compatible with iOS 8 or higher and Android 4.4 (KitKat) operating systems.

CanMixs Smartwatch app is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The Canmix smart watches works over Bluetooth smart watch 4.0 technology which means it only needs to be charged every few days instead of every night like other watches on the market today.

It takes only about 2 hours to completely recharge their battery, but if your phone’s low on power, that can cause issues as well since Canmix also works as a phone charger for your smartphone. The battery life is about 5 days, which is more than most Bluetooth smart watch on the market.

Canmix made their watch light weight weighing only 1 ounce with a stainless steel band that can be swapped out.

Canmix Smart watches Interface

The interface uses up to 4 colors in order to display notifications from social media apps like Facebook and Twitter, CanMixs app compatibility includes almost all apps that are available on either iOS or Android system including WhatsApp Messenger, Instagram, Line, Skype etc..

CanMixs smartwatch has 12 customizable watch faces you can choose from when pairing it with your smart phone. CanMixs charging cable is similar to Apple Watch’s magnetic charger which looks very futuristic in design. CanMixs also has a built-in speaker and microphone.

Canmix smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. Canmix smart watch also has that small wristband that goes on your other wrist to let the Canmix know you’re still wearing it.

If this wristband is ever removed from your Canmix smartwatch for a certain amount of time, the Canmix will give you a notification telling you that Canmix was disconnected from your wristband.


1) Turn off features that use power-intensive wireless connections . When you’re not connected to your phone, turn off Wi-Fi and other location services when they aren’t needed.

2) Lower your screen’s brightness setting.

3) Quit any app running in the background so it isn’t wasting your battery–just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center and hit “Quit apps” under the music controls section.

4) Disable Bluetooth when it’s not being used

5) Don’t bother with voice commands unless they’re really convenient and don’t drain power.

6) Frequently restart your watch. This will disable any background processes that have gotten stuck, so you can run all of them properly when you need to.

7) Switching the time format from 12-hour to 24-hour clock .

8) Turn off heartrate monitor – It saves battery but it won’t affect sleep tracking without it.

9) Disable passcode lock on your watch, unless you actually need it enabled for some reason.

10) WatchOS 2 comes with a new power saving mode which dims the display and also disables wrist detection – these two things combined make the device last longer — according to Apple tests up to 72 hours, depending on various factors like brightness setting, in use etc.

11) Finally, reducing the frequency of getting the software update .

Why You Should Buy

Simplicity in use

There are no complex menus such as on other smartwatches. One simple long tap to get the menu you need – all functions divided into 4 categories: daily use, sports, sleep and alarm.

To see one of the options just keep an eye on the screen for 3 seconds by tapping lightly or shake your hand to activate touch screen (in case you have closed cover). Double tap to confirm selection or go back in menues.

Easy installation of apps

Designed to be flexible in terms of future app store additions. On the smartwatch there are only the basic functions, but the user can install other apps if he wishes. All installed apps will be placed in ‘pending mode’ while you are selecting which ones to active.

Adaptation for special lifestyle needs

Very useful function is that you can set at your home preferences what kind of sport or activity do you prefer e.g.: Soccer, Ice Hockey, Rugby etc etc. When the watch faces turn on it goes automatically to the last preferred sport/activity depending on time of day and week, so there is no need to search through all sports every time when select your prefered sport.

Also by using GPS tracking feature during run or walk you get detailed statistics about duration and average speed of your activity just after finishing it.

Convenient charging

Charging is very easy and you don’t need to disassemble anything as it works through magnetic USB cable which attaches seamlessly on the back side of the watch. In this way it’s possible to charge on your computer or laptop or even powerbank as well as on a standart charger with USB input so you can have separated chargers for home, office and sports bag.

Heart rate monitor

Very useful feature is optical heart rate monitor right underneath multi-color LED display which flashes different colors depending on how fast your heart beats e.g.: green – 60 BPM, yellow – 90 BPM red – 140 BPM. You can see your heart rate continuously or by activating it only when the sports mode starts by simply tap to the right of display twice within 3 seconds.

GPS, Pedometer and sport modes

Two sport modes (Activity and Strength) which are intended for different kind of sports activities like running, cycling, football/soccer, hockey etc. Activity tracking enables GPS function during run to track your distance and average speed.

If you like other sport like swimming or crossfit there is also option for strength training which counts sets (repeats) during workout session (without using GPS). Beside sports functions CanMixs smartwatch has built-in pedometer to count your steps while walking or jogging.

In daily life use pedometer will count your steps as well as calories burned and distance walked, while during work it will inform you about number of sets done in strength training mode.

Notification from smartphone

You can enable notification from your smartphone to be shown by flashing LEDs on the screen or vibration, so you don’t need always to look at a phone which is usually inconvenient when doing some other activities like running or biking.

Multi-color display

Very nice multi-color LED display showing wide range of colors with low power consumption – it works up to 7 days on one battery charge! You can select from more then 30 different watch faces which can match perfectly any style of clothing.

Compatibility with Iphone and Android

Compatible with iOS version 7 or higher (Iphone 5, 5s, 6, 6 plus) as well as Android 4.4 smartphone which supports bluetooth connection. It’s also possible to connect the smartwatch using micro USB cable on any Android phone supporting Bluetooth 2.0 e.g.: Samsung Galaxy S5 mini..

Affordable price!


The world of technology is always advancing and improving: There was a time when people could barely use their phones to send text messages and check the weather, but now we do things like pay bills, get groceries delivered, and order pizza from the comfort of our couches. People who love having the newest technology will be happy with a watch that performs well at a fraction of the cost in the high priced realm of ever changning smart watches.

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