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Rainbow Daytona Rolex – Ultimate Desire?

Rainbow Daytona Rolex Luxury Watch

The first thing you might notice about the rainbow Daytona is that it’s absolutely stunning. A new take on a classic watch, this bold piece may just be our favorite Rolex since the Yacht-Master II. The creative color use abounds even to the smallest of details like the accent colors on the dial and subdial hands.

We know some purists are probably cringing at our use of “the Rolex Daytona” in reference to what is now officially known as the Cosmograph Daytona (true, not technically their proper name). However we think watch enthusiasts will love it!

Is Daytona Rainbow The Most Wanted Rolex Watch?

But let’s face it – most people will never be able to afford one of these beauties. So how would one wear such an opulent timepiece without pretentious? Easily; with simple jeans and a white tee. Rainbow Daytonas are so called because the colors of the rainbow play across the face. The dials are very rare.

Only 6 were made in yellow gold, 6 in white gold, 2 in platinum and only one known example was created in rose gold. Each rainbow Daytona is unique due to its hand-painted rainbow lacquered dial, every color applied by hand leaded paint brush stroke by stroke over many hours. The painting process is similar to Chinese woodblock paintings with each color requiring multiple coats.

Although today there are at least twenty different examples of this rainbow Daytona edition, only one rainbow watch was made in each metal.

Though Daytona’s have had several different designs over the years most notably the Paul Newman Daytona which has become synonymous with Rolex Daytona watches in general, these rainbow daytona rolex watch remain unique due to the rainbow dials that were only produced for about two years between 1969 and 1971.

Why is rolex Rainbow Daytona so expensive?

There are a lot of rumors going around about the Rolex Rainbow Daytona. Especially it’s price is a mysterious thing as people say that this watch was created by someone outside the company and isn’t official. In this article I will try to explain why these watches have such a serious price tag on them, so if you were wondering what is so special about them read on!

In 1965 Rolex introduced the Cosmograph Daytona (reference 6239) which had white subdials and red chrono handstops.

The production of this model was ended in 1980 to make room for an improved successor – Reference 16520 with black subdials and two tone hands that we know today as “the rolex rolex rolex Daytona“.

In 1988 Rolex introduced a new version of the Daytona (reference 116520) and this time it was equipped with sapphire crystals and powered by automatic movements. The major change however were in the indexes. For the first time ever, Rolex invented diamond-cut hour markers which are known today as “the Mercedes” – after their resemblance to this car logo.

The hour indexes are perfectly flat at top but have edges that makes them look like 3-D forms. These edges are usually invisible if you check out your wristwatch from normal viewing angle, yet when light falls on them they reflect it very nicely giving rainbow effect. This is also what causes white spots in photos taken using flash light – reflections of UV rays.

In 2000 Rolex introduced a new lineup of Daytona references – 116523 and later 116528 with all-golden indexes. In these watches diamonds were cut from the same angle as in the all silver Submariner which made them look very similar to the white gold models, however this “diamond cutting” process is extremely difficult and can’t be performed on non-Rolex watch.

Another way to distinguish diamond-cut hour markers is by looking at their sides: if they look polished , it’s not a diamond cut index but only a design achieved using metallic paint over solid metal. Diamond cutting gave Rolex an edge over competition because no other watchmaker uses such a sophisticated technique when crafting timepieces for their customers. rolex cosmograph daytona

Daytona Rainbow Dial

The rainbow dials are created using a process known as rainbow lacquering, the same technique used to decorate eggs with underglaze paints where multiple coats of color are applied allowing their light interference with each other to create new colors.

Rose Gold Daytona Rainbow

The case is in 18ct rose gold with polished bezel, screw-down crown and chronograph buttons, while the black dial sports 3 subdials at 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock position. The hour markers are also outlined in rose gold. It’s powered by Rolex’s Calibre 4130 movement which assures the accuracy of -3/+2 seconds per day.

The independent second hand ticks 6 times per second to ensure smooth operation. The watch comes on jubilee style bracelet made of 5 pieces linked with invisible screws (rose gold/steel variation) or three-piece oyster bracelet (stainless steel). Like all Daytonas it is water resistant (to 100m) and comes with a screw-down crown.

The classic black dial on this model is very elegant, but it will be available in other colors as well; including blue, silver and white.

As you can see the rainbow Daytona is not made for the shy or reserved – it’s an extrovert watch through and through; designed for those who live life to the fullest without ever hurting anyone along the way. It commands attention wherever it goes leaving everyone mesmerized by its glorious beauty – just like any Daytona ought to.

Always one step ahead of the game Rolex always manages to give us something new that we never expected nor thought possible before. Something that makes our jaws drop every single time anew even though we’ve seen it a hundred times before. This new Rolex is one of those things and it’s both simple and brilliant – a perfect combination.

Daytona Rainbow Bezel

Rolex has been using ceramic for quite some time now but never on the bezel. In fact, most do not even realize that their dive watches have been equipped with scratch resistant ceramics for decades now – beginning with the introduction of their first ever ceramic bezel insert way back in 1988.

A lot has changed since then technology wise as well as with respect to design up until today where this classic shape takes center stage again but with a twist. The new Cerachrom bezel comes in two flavors: blue and black each sporting a unique look accentuated by a contrasting color which perfectly matches the dials.

Both bezel versions are made of a single block of solid ceramic to ensure superior scratch resistance, heat endurance and corrosion resistance all while maintaining its original color which will never fade or wear off.

Daytona Rainbow Construction

The surface texture is laser engraved into the material’s crystalline structure making it extremely precise and guaranteeing an absolutely even surface without any gaps or unevenness in color – something that can’t be said about painted super-hard coatings easily scratched off over time.

And when we say scratch proof we mean it; you could scrape this thing with your fancy stainless steel Rolex Milgauss and not leave a mark (and in case you’re wondering: Milgauss is also equipped with a Cerachrom bezel).

There aren’t many watches out there that can brag with this kind of scratch resistance – only the mighty Oris Carl Brashear stands in their way. The blue version comes with a deep black dial using silver colored indices and hands while the black variant sports white index markers on its dark grey dial.

But it’s not just they eye catching color that makes them stand out, Rolex has also gone all out with their choice of material making sure they look as luxurious as possible.

For example, the black ceramic bezel is surrounded by an 18K yellow gold frame for excellent contrast while both versions are topped off with an 18K white gold ring surrounding the crystal which magnifies the view through the sapphire crystal underneath .

It’s such small details that make Rolex so unique and desirable. But back to the original watch at hand which is not only equipped with said bezels but also comes in one solid block of stainless steel using their very own 904L steel alloy for maximum corrosion resistance. Not even scratches will stay on this beast – you’ll just slide right off just like water off a duck’s back (not that I’ve tried it).

For those who prefer brushing over polishing, Rolex has fitted the Daytona with brushed finished scales making them stand out while still looking perfectly smooth. The rest of the case is mirror polished like any other precious metal should be leaving me both impressed and envious every time I get my hands on one (which isn’t often enough hence all the pictures here).

wrong once again by making what appears to be anx proved themThe Daytona has always been a showstopper but this time Rolex took it to the next level literally. The new Cerachrom bezels simply ooze luxury and class just like all other parts of this watch do.

A perfect blend of sportiness and elegance thanks in part to its face which is clean with no date or anything else ruining its lines what so ever – something that cannot be said about most other watches on the market these days. Having nothing on your dial except for indices is both refreshing and bold, especially when it comes to sport watches where manufacturers usually try to cram as much information onto their dials as possible.

Daytona Rainbow Atomic Time Keeping

Luckily Rolex avoided this since, why would you need a date when your watch is powered by atomic timekeeping (the official name for the radio controlled technology Rolex used in all its watches – including the debut edition Sea-Dweller’s and the GMT II?

Not much to add about the caseback other than it also features each and everyone of Rolex’s hallmarks. With a couple minor tweak here and there it looks just like a regular Submariner but once again adds that extra touch of luxury thanks to its matching Cerachrom insert.

Superluminova dots on indices combined with their Chromalight designation do live up to their promise being able to glow for 8+ hours without losing any brightness. The watch was available in two shapes – the regular Submariner shape, and the new maxi case design which refered to both its size as well as the fact that it was pretty much a full sized version of Rolex’s now popular Yacht-Master.

This watch proved once again what an amazing showman Rolex are being able to introduce an all new watch model with so many changes in just one iteration.

What came even more as a surprise was the fact that this wasn’t only a Daytona yet another addition but rather a completely different concept altogether sporting never before seen elements on anything Rolex ever made. daytona rainbow water resistance yellow gold model pic

Rolex Rainbow Daytona White Gold

Inside the case you will find one of Rolex’s most sophisticated self-winding mechanical movements – caliber 4130 that was first introduced into their lineup back in 2000. It can be considered as Rolex’s competitor to other high-end Swiss chronograph movements such as ETA 2894/2 for instance or an Omega Coaxial version of their cal. 33xx family.

The exclusive White Gold ref 116519 LB edition by Rolex which measures 7.7mm thick comes with all the usual features including Parachrom hairspring, Paraflex shock absorbers and the usual Rolex Glidelock fine adjustment clasp on its Oyster bracelet.

Is Rainbow Daytona Discontinued?

The rainbow rolex daytona was discontinued due to production cost and the uniqueness of its design. The dials were very time consuming and expensive to produce by hand, making them too costly for continued use as a standard model.

Despite their beauty, rainbow Daytonas often gain more value and notoriety through the rumor and myth they carry than their actual monetary worth as collectables, though rainbow Daytonas remain highly sought after rare watches today despite those factors.

For now it seems that Rolex will continue leaving collectors wondering what could have been if rainbow rolex daytona production had continued. Due to their beauty and rarity, rainbow rolex daytona prices tend to fluctuate greatly with some selling for over one hundred thousand dollars.

It is not easy for everyone to wear a Rolex watch, especially when it is in prices that are too high. For many of us, there are also still some people who have no knowledge about the Rolex Submariner and will think that this kind of watch has nothing to do with them at all.

It is said that Rolex was originally only worn by sports stars and movie stars and nowadays we can find that even rich people like businessmen and actresses also want their own ‘Rolex’.

They want to take advantage of the life’s opportunities and will get what they deserve from their work or skills. Some women dress up more modestly but yet they always make sure their accessories such as diamond earrings, bracelets and necklaces are as dominant as their personality.

Even if wearing a Rolex watch can not actually make your life easier, it is still the same with how the watches of other brands. But there is no doubt that wearing a Rolex Submariner watch has its own meaning and brings some different points to people who wear it.

What is the price of Rolex Rainbow Daytona?

A very good question, to which there is no single answer. The price of a Rolex Rainbow Daytona depends on several factors. It has to be considered what kind of material the watch case and bracelet are made of (18 kt yellow gold, white gold or stainless steel), whether it is used or new and in addition how pristine the condition is.

When we talk about “condition” here that means how mint the overall appearance of the clock case and bracelet look. And last but not least also important to consider: when was this model introduced?

Was it much earlier than 1989/1990 when Rolex stopped producing watches with so-called “Oyster Serti” dials, because these were replaced by radial dials in Rolex watches? Which price should you expect for the Rolex Rainbow Daytona while shopping in an authorized dealer ?

While browsing through many online watch shops specializing in selling used luxury watches, it becomes clear that prices for pre-owned Rolex Rainbow Daytonas can vary greatly. It also makes quite a difference if the watch was manufactured before or after 1989/1990 .

For example, take a look at this proof of purchase which shows that Rolex originally distributed the watches with so-called “Oyster Serti” dials through its official network until 1990. The dials did not receive their name because they had to be set by jewelers who painstakingly applied each of the little pearls one by one.

After 1990 Rolex only produced radial dials. As far as the price of Rolex Rainbow Daytona is concerned it becomes quite clear that prices for pre-owned watches vary a lot even when they look very similar and have been introduced in a relatively short period of time. This also shows how important it is to pay attention while you are shopping on popular online watch shops or auction sites .

Be sure to read some reviews before you buy anything! The following prices show examples from different countries: In Germany , where I live, it’s often possible to find decent used Rolex watches at high end dealers like Luxury Link , one of Germany’s biggest watch stores which has been certified by Rolex since 2010/11.

They only sell new watches from main dealer stock and they do not allow selling of used watches (except for pre-owned items which they get from their watchmaker’s workshop). This is why it’s not possible to get any significant discounts here. And this also explains that prices are the same all over the world, apart from customs charges and taxes where applicable.

Here you can find some Rolex Rainbow Daytona pieces for sale at $22,550 – 33,900. A brand new Rolex Rainbow Daytona retails at some Rolex dealers for about $50,650 – 61,850, depending on the material of the watch case and bracelet. This also explains why prices are so different online.

If you’re looking to buy one of these watches try to find the best deal available! Many people are selling their old Rolexes at much lower prices because they switched to other brands or because they want to get rid of them quickly before buying something else.

Keep in mind that it’s very difficult to sell your pre-owned luxury watch later on which is why it’s a good idea to spend some time researching prices before you buy. If you buy something at a price which is too high, chances are that you will not be able to sell your watch later on for the same amount of money.

What about buying from independent watchmakers?

In addition to popular watch retail chains there are also independent watch dealers who offer pre-owned Rolex watches for sale online. Some of them have a fixed minimum price whereas others allow bidding/selling between private people – just like Ebay which offers fixed price sales as well as auctions.

This enables sellers to set the starting bid and buyers can try to win the auction by entering a higher bid than all other bidders , just like in an Ebay auction. This is what you can expect “buy it now” prices to look like: One person is asking $18,900 for a Rolex Rainbow Daytona on stainless steel bracelet whereas another dealer is selling the same model on jubilee bracelet for $22,550.

Keep in mind that more often than not you’ll have to pay 5-15% commission when buying from an independent watchmaker online. The mentioned examples are just some examples of many more similar listings which are currently avail

able. A lot of watches are offered by private sellers who found their piece at one of the big watch auctions or large international watch trading events where thousands of wristwatches were sold.


Although many people don’t have the money to buy one, but those who have them , they look extremely cool and confident wearing them!In fact, even those actresses that don’t need them because of the high income, they still want to have them just for showing off! It’s just what you call “fashion”.

And…uhm…about these so called “businessmen” that you mention, I think it’s not necessary to add this part. Giving people the right to name themselves “businessmen” is like giving teenagers the right to drive because they’re about to get a job. The Rolex Submariner is a luxury timepiece that can be used as an accessory to show how people feel about themselves.

In the past, only sports stars and movie stars were allowed to wear this kind of watch, but nowadays we can see that even rich businessmen and actresses also want their own best Rolex watches.

They want to enjoy their lives and will get what they deserve from their life work and skills. Although some women dress more modestly, they still make sure that they are the center of attention because of their accessories such as diamond earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

The Rolex Submariner watch has its own meaning and makes different points for those who wear it.

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